Exursions in St. Petersburg

Our fund together with the Travel Operator «Radovest» and independent guides organize and conduct cognitive and captivating excursions in St. Petersburg for different categories of people. The funds collected as a result of this activity will be used for development of the following programs and directions:

  • «Little Mother» Program
  • assistance to the mothers who have found themselves in a difficult situation (entertainment projects: excursions, photo shoots, psychological aid);
  • assistance to «Privilege» St. Petersburg Club of Families Having Many Children (legal advice, psychological trainings, family activities);
  • assistance to elderly and lonely people;
  • assistance to children with series illnesses;
  • assistance to graduates of children’s homes.


Sightseeing tours conducted by the Fund are supposed for people «with a big heart», because participating in them you will not simply take pleasure in familiariz.

Our excursions:ing yourself with the splendid St. Petersburg, but will also give a part of your warmth to those who need it so much.

  • Walking tour: a walk in the downtown of St. Petersburg where you will hear a lot of jokes, funny stories and certainly the history of the main sights of the city. On this tour you will see: the Winter Palace, the Admiralty, the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, etc. Even if you have come for one day, you can visit this excursion because it lasts only 1,5 hours and you will simply have a wonderful time!
  • Excursion to Konstantinovsky Palace: the excursion acquaints you with selected, the most valuable works of Russian painting, graphic and applied art of centuries XVIII–XIX collected by G. P. Vishnevskaya and M. L. Rostropovich, as well as the main architectural masterpieces of Konstantinovsky Palace — its main halls.
  • Secrets of old Oranienbaum: «Oranienbaum» Palace and Park Encamble (the Town of Lomonosov) is in the shadow of the glory of its brothers — environs of St. Petersburg. And it is only it that has preserved the real, unfeigned century XVIII. The unique pavilion of Katalnaya Hill, almost toy-like Palace of Peter III and certainly the real masterpiece of the world importance — Chinese Palace could be the subject of pride of any country and become the place of pilgrimage of tourists. But a thick curtain of mystery covers and keeps Oranienbaum from the general public. The history of the town of Lomonosov is quite interesting and many-sided, and not everybody knows it even a little/ The trip offers a big excursion along Oranienbaum Park, visiting of Chinese Kitchen Museum and Grand Menshikovsky Palace.

  • Gatchina cove: within the excursion program you will visit the memorial estate of A. P. Hannibal, great-grandfather of the famous Russian poet. Also you will visit «House of A. S. Pushkin’s nanny Arina Rodionovna» Museum.
  • Imperial Peterhof: Peterhof is «a capital of fountains». It has no equal in Russia, and only Versailles in Europe can compare with it. The center of the entire ensemble is Grand Palace standing on the upper terrace. The main decorations of Peterhof are hundreds of fountains, most different in looks and arrangement that create its unique appearance. Upper and Lower parks are situated around Grand Palace. They are decorated with numerous pavilions which were supposed for amusement and recreation.
  • New walk along old places of Tsarskoe Selo: you are awaited by a fascinating trip to the Town Tsarskoe Selo (the Town of Pushkin) with visiting of the functioning Sofiysky and Feodorovsky Sovereign’s Cathedrals and acquaintance with other, not less important objects of Tsarskoe Selo.
  • The lace of St. Petersburg baroque: this route will remind you of the main stages of formation of the architectural baroque appearance of the North Capital which formed in the first half of century XVIII. The program includes a visit to one of the first stone main palaces of St/ Petersburg — Menshikovsky Palace.
  • Peter’s St. Petersburg: excursion with a visit to House of Peter I and walk on the territory of Peter and Paul’s Fortress.
  • Trip to Pulkovo Meridian: excursion in Pulkovo Observatory with a visit to Observatory Museum.
  • The Universe of water: a visit to one of the most interesting and modern museums — Museum of the World of Water in St. Petersburg.
  • Romantic emperor Paul I: excursion with a visit to Mikhailovsky (Engineering) Castle where Emperor Paul I was killed.
  • The city of all religions St. Petersburg: with a visit to Museum of History of Religion.
  • Ethnographic Park Estate Bogoslovka: excursion with a visit of a wonderful complex of Russian wooden architecture.

We are open for your proposals and are always ready to organize an individual tour!

Contacts: tel. +7 (911) 212 52 28
e-mail: iamstpetersburgtours@gmail.com
Photos are provided by photographer Fedor Li